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The Best Lubes for Masturbation and Striking Devices: A Guide

Lubes can be useful if you enjoy jerking off and solo play. Lubes make it easier to handle stroking toys like Tengas without getting hand cramps, and they make adult toys feel more realistic by mimicking the consistency of natural body fluids. Whatever type of solo play you prefer, there is undoubtedly the perfect lube that will enhance the pleasure your pleasure objects provide. When selecting the best masturbation lube, a number of variables come into play, so it’s critical to know what you want before making a choice.

Water-based lubricants, in general, work best for both solo play and stroking. They’re easy to clean up, they’re safe with silicone toys, they don’t stain or smell bad, they’re non-irritating on skin, and they can be used as a massage lube. The main disadvantage of water-based lubes is that they must be reapplied more frequently due to their rapid drying. They also may not provide enough friction during masturbation because they tend to be thinner than other types of lubes. For these reasons, some people prefer thicker, oil-based lubes. Oil-based lubes last longer without drying out, but it’s harder to get them off your hands after masturbating. When using an oil-based lube, some guys wrap their fingers in a towel or piece of paper to prevent it from getting on their hands.

Silicone based lubricants tend to be a bit more slippery than water-based lubes. However, they are incompatible with silicone adult toys. Oil based lubricants tend to be thicker than water or silicone based ones, which means they can last longer. They’re not recommended for latex condoms though. Gel-based lubricants are typically comparable to water-based ones in terms of how easily they wash off and compatibility with adult toys. You should avoid using them if you’re sensitive or allergic to parabens, glycerin, or petrochemicals like mineral oil. In addition, gel-based lubricants aren’t safe for use with adult toys made from cyberskin or any product made from rubber.

The texture depends on what material your toy is made from and what you’re looking for in your play time experience. Something more watery may work better than a thicker, gel-like lube if you’re looking for a more intense sensation. However, if you don’t want your hand to slip off of your stroker device while you have fun with it, then a thick lube might be best. Due to the chemicals used to make scented products, lube with a strong scent may irritate the user while being used. For starters, choose between scentless water-based, silicone-based, oil-based, gel-based and textured/thin/slippery depending on your preferences. Then, decide what kind of masturbatory device you want to use: stroker, vibrator or other adult toy. Get yourself a silicone-based lube if you intend to use a stroker or male masturbation device because these two types of toys don’t work with oil-based ones. Finally, keep in mind that water-based lubricants clean up easily but do not last as long as silicone- and oil-based products, which require soap and warm water to completely remove.

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